Ideal for manual watering

Proudly Wilma’s Lawn & Garden presents the Cocolite-11 substrate. This professional growing medium is composed of coco grit, coco fibres, coco chips, perlite and is suitable for the cultivation of fruit, flowers, vegetables and house plants. Cocolite-11 is equipped as standard with fertilizers and minerals. This ensures that these important fertilisers are immediately available to your seedlings. 

The combination of coconut and perlite in the Cocolite-11 provides a perfect balance in moisture and airiness of the substrate. Coco has an ideal structure which ensures that the added fertilizers can easily be retained and thus are rapidly absorbed by the roots of the plant. By adding perlite the coco remains fairly airy which improves the flow of oxygen to the roots. This will provide the plants with a healthy and strong root system which will ensure optimum growth. Cocolite-11 is specifically designed to retain water over a longer period in the substrate. This property is referred to by professional gardeners, as ‘water retention’. The main features of Cocolite-11 are an optimal water absorption, good water distribution and a high capacity of water retention. As a result, the plants opportunity to absorb water is extended. Because the Cocolite-11 retains water so well you can water your plants less frequently as compared to with the more traditional growing mediums.


Ideal use for automatic breeding methods

After the introduction of Cocolite-11 Wilma’s Lawn & Garden now proudly presents Cocolite-22. This substrate is somewhat similar to the Cocolite-11, but is considerably airier due to the addition of extra perlite. The balanced substrate Cocolite-22 is specially designed for the cultivation of fruits, flowers, vegetables, plants and orchids. 

Outside gardening gives you less control over for instance the amount of rainfall, it may be useful to provide extra drainage. When coco has to deal with an excess of water this has an adverse effect on your plants. The growth of your plants will subsequently be stunted, something a grower wants to prevent as much as possible. This is something Wilma’s Lawn & Garden has taken into account, and why we have added additional perlite to the Cocolite-22. The drainage of the substrate it improves significantly. This allows for excess (rain) water to be easily disposed of, keeping your crop from experiencing any hindrance overwatering. Due to the good draining properties of Cocolite-22, this growth medium is also very suitable for automatic irrigation systems. Due to the fact these systems use a lot more water it is important that the excess water can flow away easily because of the airy properties of the substrate. Not surprisingly Cocolite-22 key features are a high oxygen admissibility, optimum airiness of the substrate and a rapid drainage of excess water!

Wilma Growmix

Well-balanced for optimum development of a wide variety of plants

Wilma Growmix is high quality soil. This mix is a balanced composition for an optimal development of a large number of plants. Wilma Growmix is a mixture of various quality types of peat and coconut fibres. 

Wilma Growmix is a substrate that can be mixed with garden soil or can be used directly in the garden. This mix of two different types of materials, coconut and peat, combines the accompanying favourable characteristics. The combination makes the soil airy and ensures good drainage, so that the plants never receive too much water. It, however, 

also retains enough water to ensure that you do not have to water plants every day. 

This mix is perfectly balanced when it comes to the ideal water balance and apart from regular rainfall, plants will not require extra water.  Wilma Growmix does not contain any harmful fungi, ensuring you that your plants have a healthy start in life. The substrate has been pre-fertilized and it therefore contains sufficient nutrients for the plant to develop well during the start phase. Under ideal circumstances in the greenhouse, it suffices for the first 4 to 6 weeks (Depending on the format of the pot and the amount of plants). Outside in the garden, you will most likely enjoy the nutrients in the Growmix much longer. After the starting period (depending on the number of plants and pot size) we recommend you add liquid fertilizer for optimal results.