B'cuzz Silic Boost

Boost up the strenght!

One of the most common elements of the soil is Silicon (Si). Most of this Silicon, however, is not available for plants. Plant available Silicon has a plant strengthening effect, making the plant less susceptible to abiotic stress, such as heat and drought. B'cuzz Silic Boost is a stable Silicon product in a form that is available for the plant. This makes it an excellent addition to the grow schedule.

Silicon regulates the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients. This regulation makes sure the nutrients are taken up in the right ratios. It also allows for a more efficient usage of elements like Phosphorus (P). 

Especially phosphorus is essential for root-, flower-, and fruit formation. A side from that, a well-balanced nutrition with ideal nutrient ratio further supports optimal plant development.

Silicon is deposited in the stem and outer layer of the leaves by the plant, this strengthens this part of the plant. The strengthened parts can then support more weight and are harder to penetrate by external factors.

The deposition of silicon in the stem is a simple but effective mechanism which almost immediately has an effect on resistance. This is in contrast to the positive effect on resistance often attributed to nutrients such as potassium or phosphorus. 

The nice thing is that the effect of silicon and the other nutrients on the resistance is complementary. The addition of silicon gives an extra boost to the resistance on top of the resistance that a well-balanced diet already offers. 

• Stronger plant

• Better nutrient uptake

• More resilient to stress-factors

B'cuzz Soil, Hydro and Coco Booster Uni

Boosters for soil, hydro and coco based substrates

Twenty years ago we started the development of the B’cuzz Boosters. The boosters consist of two important components. 

Firstly, it contains a natural plant extract which supports the plants physiological processes. Change of environment is a shock for most plants, which affects growth. That’s why we must help the plants transition into the growth-phase as smoothly as possible.

Some people underestimate the importance of the growth-phase with regard to the eventual yield. 

Second, it contains Nitrogen, Magnesium and Iron. These nutrients are key elements when it comes to the production of more chlorophyll. The key to a healthy, strong plant is the chlorophyll molecule. Chlorophyll absorbs light and transforms the energy into sugar. The energy from this sugar can be used by the plant to perform  cell differentiation, cell division and cell elongation. 

Atami developed three kinds of Boosters Uni, namely Soil Booster Uni for cultivating on soil, Hydro Booster Uni for growing hydroponically and Coco Booster Uni for cultivation on coco based substrates. 

You can easily combine B'cuzz Booster Uni with any base nutrient or additives.