ATA Clean

Cleaning product for irrigation systems

ATA Clean is a product that serves the maintenance of the irrigation system. Although there is a relatively high PK value on the bottle (PK 18-6), you cannot consider ATA Clean as a fertilizer. First of all, the dosage of ATA Clean is so low that the nutrients present in the product have little effect on the plant.

The product usually contains water-soluble metallic nutrients and ions, such as iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). These nutrients will eventually form crystals in the irrigation system that precipitate and form scales or lime scale.

The substances in ATA Clean can bond with these metallic nutrients, break down the crystals and flakes gradually and make them water-soluble again. As a result, they are discharged with the water feed. The product can be used both preventatively and curatively.

• Prevents and removes sediments from the irrigation system

• Easy maintenance or your irrigation system

• High quality product


Soil improver based on enzymes

ATAzyme is a soil improver based on enzymes and is no NPK addition for the nutrient solution and hardly affects the EC values of the nutrient solution.

Enzymes act as catalysts and therefore play a role in the implementation of (bio)chemical reactions by accelerating and / or making them possible.

ATAzyme ensures that old and dead root material is broken down in the substrate. This ensures that  valuable minerals and sugars become available for the soil environment on the one hand and on the other hand the soil becomes airier because the root material has been 'cleaned up'. A well-aerated substrate ensures better root development and therefore better resistance of the plant against diseases and fungi.

• Improves soil life 

• Breaks down dead root material

• More oxygen in the substrate for healthier roots

ATA NRG Flavor

Bloom additive during the bloom phase

ATA NRG Flavor is a bloom additive. Flavor is rich in potassium. It stimulates the blooming readiness of the plants, and provides an exuberant bloom. The plant reacts to the potassium present in the substrate and adjusts the production of the amount of flowering hormones accordingly. 

Potassium (K) is a significant contributor to an optimal sap flow in the plant. It causes the plant to develop a thicker trunk and sturdy branches, which ultimately will result in a better harvest. Potassium also stimulates the sugar production in the flowers, from which will benefit the smell and taste of the finished product. 

ATA NRG Flavor is suitable for all substrates, directly absorbable by the plant and contains no roughage. It is an ideal fertilizer for growing almost all crops on soil, hydro or coco substrate. When using irrigation systems, ATA NRG Flavor can only be administered manually with a watering can. Otherwise there is a risk of clogging.

• Suitable for all substrates

• Directly absorbable

• Exuberant bloom

ATA NRG Take care

Plant amplifier

Take care is a plant amplifier that keeps out pests (attacks) and fungi.Take care is used as a spray.

B'cuzz Bio-Defence 1&2

Protects your plants

With the biological strengthening of B’cuzz Bio-Defence 1&2 the plant is ensured that larvae, insects and fungi don’t stand a chance. Bio-Defence 1&2 is sprayed on the leaves which absorb the solution easily.

As a result the plant is much less attractive to many pests and diseases and will be left alone. Spraying the plants with an insect repellent is an important precautionary  measure for a successful cultivation.

Very often plants already are effected by insects or larvae without us growers even realizing or noticing it. The precautionary spraying of the crop is recommended in many cases. Avoid problems and do not get caught with your pants down! Make sure you take precautionary measures and use B’cuzz Bi-Defense 1&2 to protect your plants. 

• Preventive and curative

• Easy to use