Basic nutrients

The basic nutrients are used throughout the entire growth cycle. After all, they form the base for every cultivation. Basic nutrients offer dosages of the primary elements Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K). Usually they are combined with a concentration of micronutrients. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden offers basic nutrients for different cultivation styles.


Stimulators are created to stimulate a specific aspect of the growth cycle. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden offers for example root stimulators, which ensures the roots of your crop will get an explosive growth. When you prefer to stimulate the growing or flowering phase, you can use a growth or bloom stimulator.


The boosters consist of two important components. Firstly, it contains a natural plant extract, which supports the plants physiological processes. Second, it contains Nitrogen, Magnesium and Iron. These nutrients are key elements when it comes to the production of chlorophyll. To support every type of cultivation style, Atami has three different boosters available; Hydro-, Coco- and Soil Booster Uni.


The product range of additives offers your crop that little bit extra. The additives can always be added to your regular nutrient schedule. These products offer a wide range of different uses to your crop, for example you can add extra flavour, calcium and magnesium or improving the soil life.

Wilma's Lawn & Garden

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