Wilma's Lawn & Garden is a producer and distributor of garden and plant care products and supplies to florists, garden centers, growers, specialty stores, e-tail and retail. Wilma's Lawn & Garden has a wide range of plant care products to let plants, gardens, houses and eventually letting people shine!

Our mission 

Wilma’s Lawn & Garden is a distributor and producer of horticultural products and our key values are to be open, honest, direct and transparent. Nature is important for all living organisms in this world. Plants are durable, lovely, pure, and with proper care they can be enjoyed undisturbed. Therefore, we strive for a world where we make all plants shine. At Wilma’s Lawn & Garden we believe in horticultural products and the health benefits they provide for plants and people’s well being. Making people and your business shine is the starting point for us, where pure enjoyment starts.

Let Plants Shine

The proper soil and nutrition are essential if you want to be able enjoy your plants and garden to the fullest. We bring the cosiness into your home or garden and let your urban jungle and vegetable garden shine. Taking care of your plants and or vegetables has never been this rewarding as you will be thanked with beautiful green leaves, gorgeous flowers and or a healthy yield from your vegetable garden.

Let People Shine

At Wilma’s Lawn & garden we think that well maintained plants and gardens are the perfect way to improve people’s wellbeing. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden therefore promotes a healthy and happy (indoor) garden to make people shine. Taking this to heart, Wilma’s Lawn & Garden also sponsors several elderly activity programs. By gardening together we are socially and mentally fit.

Let Products Shine

Horticultural products and the health benefits they provide are for us the starting point from which pure enjoyment starts. Plants are durable, lovely, pure, and with proper care they can be enjoyed undisturbed. New products are always internally assessed first and we only stock products that fulfil our expectations and provide our customers with successful business formulas.

Own product line

Get to know the Wilma’s Lawn & Garden products, a product range especially designed for the consumer that will meet all the needs of your plants. Making the products easy to use was a main driver when developing this range of nutrients.

All nutrition products in the Wilma’s Lawn & Garden assortment are based on extensive research and testing. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden distributes nutrients and substrates that are scientifically proven to deliver exceptional plant growth, health and yield across all stages of the plants life. The assortment is complemented with a range of highly effective growth enhancers alongside nutrient additives. Wilma’s Lawn & Garden also offers various types of growing media, especially coco based substrates.

High Quality 

Wilma’s Lawn & Garden owes its success to its high quality requirements. All liquid nutrition are sealed under a screw cap and in lightproof packaging, which guarantees quality. On top of that, Wilma’s Lawn & Garden products are in different quantities. As a result, Wilma products are easy approachable for every type of grower! In this regard, their products can be used for almost any crop.

Control Union

The demand for biologically responsible products has increased considerably in recent years. Wilma's Lawn & Garden has therefore developed Vegetable Garden-1 & -2 and Wilma Upgrade. These products have the Control Union certification and are therefore suitable for the organic grower. But what does this certification actually mean?

Control Union Certifcations is an international organization that issues various certifications in, among other things, organic farming. Control Union Certifications namely approves the means of production and substances that are used in organic farming, that includes plant nutrition. All ingredients must have the same certification. There are strict controls, so these ingredients can not be contaminated with non-organic ingredients.