Why choose us?
International distributor of horticultural products
Wilma's Lawn & Garden has a wide range of plant care products to let plants, gardens, houses and eventually letting people shine!
Producer of plant nutrition & growing media
Making the products easy to use was a main driver when developing this range of nutrients.
High quality
All liquid nutrition are sealed under a screw cap and in lightproof packaging, which guarantees quality.
Multiple warehouses in Europe
Wilma's Lawn & Garden is a producer and distributor of garden and plant care products and supplies to florists, garden centers, growers, specialty stores, e-tail and retail.
Let plants shine
Taking care of your plants and or vegetables has never been this rewarding as you will be thanked with beautiful green leaves and gorgeous flowers.
Let people shine
By gardening together we are socially and mentally fit. That’s why Wilma’s Lawn & Garden sponsors several elderly activity programs.
Let products shine
New products are always internally assessed first and we only stock products that fulfil our expectations and provide our customers with successful business formulas.
Our mission

Wilma’s Lawn & Garden is a distributor and producer of horticultural products and our key values are to be open, honest, direct and transparent. Nature is important for all living organisms in this world. Plants are durable, lovely, pure, and with proper care they can be enjoyed undisturbed. Therefore, we strive for a world where we make all plants shine. At Wilma’s Lawn & Garden we believe in horticultural products and the health benefits they provide for plants and people’s well being. Making people and your business shine is the starting point for us, where pure enjoyment starts.

With green greetings, Wilma